Commercial Suicide

by Animal Train

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Commercial Suicide is the second EP from Animal Train

"If this doesn't get you up off of your ass, you must be dead because the melody and hooks on this EP are outstanding." - Altered Frequencies


released March 5, 2013

Animal Train is:
CJ: Vocals
Rich Guitar
John: Bass
Tron: Drums, Vocals

Artwork by John Metcalf
Recorded @ East Side Tone
Mixed/Mastered @ Capital 301 Studios

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PoDunk Records Paris, Texas

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Track Name: Thin Thread
You don’t tell me what to do
I don’t play by your rules
I don’t like your stupid lies
I won’t be what you describe
I don’t walk a single line
I don’t waste my precious time
In a world that’s full of hypocrites
Its up to you to decipher it

Thin Thread Separation
Thin Thread Moderation
Thin Thread Contemplating
Thin Thread It’s a Breaking
Track Name: Vital Core
Looking at the world through a rosy glass
Closing their eyes waiting for it to pass

Reality will blaze on in spite of you
Don’t just fake it or pretend it’s not true

Keep looking up when the bottom drops out
Never give up when they call you out !

What’s your vital core?
You pay just a little
But it’s going to cost you more!
What’s your vital core?
Are you going to give up!
Or show em’ what you’re here for!

It’s not enough to talk about what’s right
You have to stand up and put in a fight

Words without action just float in the air
You don’t have to look far for a person who needs your care

Do what’s right, start local and small, Find a child it doesn’t take a lot
Give em a lift to see they are more than they’ve got inside a toy box.

Repeat Chorus

Stop talking big about your level of integrity
put your efforts where your mouth is

Stop acting like you’re a good person, deserving of respect
It shouldn’t matter to you what others think and glory you get
Track Name: Melt Down
Always talking shit
Acting so crazy
Never do anything
Because you’re so lazy

Talk a big game
So ya come off smart
You say you’re in
But never do your part

Stomp your feet
Then have a fit
You and your ego
Really need to quit

I know what’s next
I’ve been here before
Another melt down
A third world war

You don’t know
Or have a clue
You say it’s me
But the problem is you

You run your mouth
Like you’re so cool
Whatever you say
You’re such a tool

You think you’re great
That you’ll be a star
I’m willing to bet
That you won’t go far
Track Name: Sith Vicious
I’ve been drinking now that’s a fact
I’ve burned through another ½ a pack
Feeling Sith Vicious since about 8
been in the pit now I’m bruised and scraped
Goin’ spark one up try to relax
Slow things down.. it won’t go so fast
It feels real good just hanging around
Friends close by and making the rounds

if doing things “my way“..means I’m not getting their praise well I think that’s ok ..cause I
like it better that way

Been thinking about the way things change
How time pushes on and nothing stays the same.
Life’s got a path but you make your own play
Destiny won’t always show you the way
Sitting here reflecting all the days gone by
I can hear your laugh and see your smile
Nothing’s better than time with you
Cause it don’t really matter what we do

If doing things our way means we’re not getting their praise well we think that’s
ok ..cause we like it better that way

I’m headed out to New York onto Philly then Detroit
Lots of stops along the way
My mind wonders back to what you say
May not figure out your purpose here
It’s what you leave behind that makes it real
Life’s a game of give and take
Your actions are what determine your fate

If doing things my way means I’m not getting their praise well I think that’s ok ..Cause I
like it better that way

Lone Stars and jamming are the way to find
you can all act geek if you’re getting Jedi
Inside jokes make a good laugh
So don’t be an uptight smartass
Serious thoughts have a time and place
I’m only here once and I’m not gonna waste
Fun with my friends just feeling right
Laughing it up on a lazy night

If doing things our way means we’re not getting your praise well we think that’s
ok ..cause we like it better this way
Track Name: Baby Steps
Learn to crawl before ya walk
Get a clue to back up the shit ya talk

Check your ego at the door
Or I’ll knock your ass to the floor

In one ear and out the other
Ya say one thing and do another

I think your head is full of rocks
Open up your mind and think outside the box

There’s more to life than just the stuff ya know
Spin a record read a book go hit a show

Put up or shut up shit or get off the pot
It’s time to bring it and give it all ya got